Natura Bissé

Stabilizing Cleansing Mask


About this product:

Perfect as both a daily cleanser and a weekly purifying mask, this deep cleansing formula is meticulously crafted for oily and blemish-prone skin types. It expertly removes impurities and makeup, purifies pores, and gently renews the skin's appearance, promoting a clearer and more refined complexion. Enriched with pure salicylic acid and botanical extracts, this versatile cleanser works to maintain the skin's natural balance, minimising the appearance of pores and providing a soft, matte complexion.

Key benefits:

  • Removes impurities and makeup residue;
  • Helps minimize the appearance of visible pores;
  • Reveals a matte finish, free of shine.

Tips: For controlling excess oil typical of young skin, use it as a regular cleanser; for normal and dry skin, use it weekly as a deep cleanser and purifying mask.

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