Dr. Barbara Sturm

Super Anti-Aging Night Cream


About the Product:

Super Anti-Aging Night Cream optimises the skin’s detox processes with a special peptide from the Avocado, which helps eliminate oxidised protein and helps the body regenerate proteins, lipids, and cells that have been damaged during the day due to free radical oxidation.  It also contains an exclusive DBS Night System™ - a three-fold, advanced science system which fully supports the skin’s nocturnal renewal processes and leaves cells completely hydrated so that they’re able to function effectively and focus their energy on repair and rejuvenation.

 Key benefits:

  • Polyglutamic acid: a powerful moisturiser which is up to 5 times stronger than hyaluronic acid, instantly hydrates the surface of the skin to plump fine lines and wrinkles, preventing transepidermal water loss;
  • Avocado peptides: boosts detoxification whilst helping to deeply hydrate the skin so that it can concentrate its efforts on repair and rejuvenation. Also stimulates the continuous production of collagen fibers for youthful looking skin;
  • Nonapeptide-1: activates and strengthens the skin’s microcirculation, helping skin shift quickly from repair to protect mode.

 Tips: Apply to the face and neck in the evening.  For enhanced results, use in tandem with the Night Serum and Good Night supplements.  Suitable for all skin types.


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