Dr. Barbara Sturm

The Good C Vitamin C Serum


About the product:

Get the famous Sturm glow with this active ingredient complex comprising oil-soluble vitamin C, a stable form of synthetic vitamin C, and Kakadu plum – a potent source of plant-based vitamin C. Infused with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and more glow-giving ingredients, the formulation helps reduce uneven pigmentation and improve tone while providing antioxidative protection against environmental stressors for a bright, radiant and even appearance. The serum also contains zinc, which increases the absorption of vitamin C into the skin.

Key benefits:

  • Three forms of vitamin C deliver strong antioxidant properties and protect against environmental stressors.
  • Delivers intensive moisture and hydration and leaves the skin brighter and more radiant after regular use.
  • Counteracts age spots and helps reduce pigmentation; supports collagen formation for firm and youthful-looking skin.
Tips: Distribute one pipette length over your face using gentle tapping motions. Avoid the eye area. Wait approximately one minute for the serum to absorb before applying face cream.

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