Tata Harper

Water-Lock Moisturizer


About the product:

Made for those who desire a skin-smoothing, lightweight moisturiser that works brilliantly under makeup, Water-Lock Moisturizer will keep you looking fresh and hydrated from morning to night. The gorgeously lightweight hydrator primes and smoothes the complexion without silicone, which can have undesirable effects on the skin such as breakouts, dehydration, and accelerated ageing. Nineteen powerful ingredients led by orange peptides and pomegranate spheres form a breathable barrier of moisture while locking hydration into the skin for a silky-smooth, long-lasting result.

Key benefits:

  • Orange peptides: Optimise the barrier of the skin to boost its water retention ability and help hold water on the top layers. 
  • Pomegranate spheres: Trap moisture to provide a sustained dose of skin-smoothing hydration that is ‘locked’ into the skin.
  • Macro hyaluronic acid: Has a conditioning effect on the skin’s surface layers to make it feel soft while delivering a healthy, hydrated glow.
  • Sugar carbohydrate complex: Contains skin-identical carbohydrates that bind water and improve the skin’s hydration ability so it can better hydrate itself.

Tips: The starter kit includes a refill pod that locks into the refillable jar.  Peel off the foil and then assemble immediately.  Don’t touch the product to avoid contamination.  Morning and evening, massage one to two pumps of the moisturiser into your face and neck.  When you run out, replace the used pod with a refill pod. Apply sunscreen each day while using this product.

What Tata says: Skip the primer!  This moisturiser has an instant skin-smoothing effect that gives you the perfect canvas for makeup application.  Because its hydrating power is focused on the surface of the skin, it helps keep your look fresh all day.

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