Derm Institute

Youth Alchemy Concentrate


About the product:

This revolutionary concentration is designed to solve all your skin’s concerns: loss of energy, fragility, inflammation, lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Enriched with the exclusive CELL-YOUTHIFIER TECH™ nano-gold and nano-platinum peptides to protect the skin's natural barrier and leave skin more radiant, firmer and younger.

Key benefits:

  • Cell-Youthifier Tech™: instantly supplies energy to the skin to repair and strengthen weakened cells, showing the same efficacy in two weeks as that of an injection of collagen by a plastic surgeon, significantly reducing the depth of wrinkles by 15%, increasing cellular vitality by 36% and procollagen production by 193%;
  • Blue Lotus: decreases the protein glycation to prevent the loss of collagen and elasticity;
  • Apple stem cells: protect the longevity of skin stem cells, maintain the power of regeneration and decrease wrinkles.

Tips: Apply after toner and follow with a lotion or cream, both morning and night.

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