Introducing Noble Panacea: Skincare Science Created by a Nobel Laureate

Founded on the spirit of scientific discovery and Nobel Prize-winning research, Noble Panacea skincare rejuvenates, preserves and prolongs natural, radiant beauty for the purest expression of the self. Available exclusively at JOYCE Beauty, this ultra-luxe and ultra-high-performing beauty brand was established upon the ambitious research of Sir Fraser Stoddart – the 2016 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry – with a wish list-worthy collection of skincare formulations that have the beauty world buzzing. 

Nobel Prize-winning science 

The skincare science behind Noble Panacea was founded by Sir Fraser Stoddart, who received the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work with molecular motion and is currently a Board of Trustees Professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University.  Across more than 50 years of research, the passionate chemist discovered a revolutionary technology that became the global vanguard in skincare ingredient delivery with never-before-seen precision and efficacy.  Sir Fraser has since overseen the development of Noble Panacea’s meticulously crafted, innovative formulations that deliver transformational results. 

A beautiful philosophy 

Noble Panacea brings together the best of science, innovation and performance to embrace and empower women’s authentic beauty and self-expression, ultimately inspiring people to feel great in their own skin.  Driven by a mission to think beautifully at every moment, the brand embraces consciousness and self-empowerment through advanced skincare solutions that care as much about environmental health as human health.  It’s been Sir Fraser Stoddart’s dream to share his discoveries for the greater good through his dedication to responsible beauty that’s backed by science. 

Groundbreaking OSMV™ technology 

The patented Organic Super Molecular Vessel™ technology (OSMV™) that powers Noble Panacea’s formulations is a breakthrough step in skincare globally.  The award-winning technology is engineered to optimise the protection, preservation and delivery of powerful active ingredients with extreme accuracy and targeted release times, maximising their effectiveness on an individual, molecular level.  Producing everything in-house ensures pharmaceutical-grade purity, which, coupled with the precise selection and encapsulation of active ingredients, delivers exceptional skincare with game-changing effects. 



Prevent, preserve, protect 

The Brilliant collection powerfully boosts the skin’s natural defences against the effects of daily stress and pollution while deeply hydrating to preserve natural radiance.  

The Brilliant | Radiant Resilience Moisturizer

This silky moisturiser nourishes and strengthens the skin at its cellular core.  Patented OSMV™ technology unleashes the power of a unique antioxidant complex, which ensures that the skin exudes a healthy glow and youthful energy all day long while being maximally hydrated and strengthened against stress, free radicals, pollution, and urban ageing.  Your skin will appear smoother, plumper, and more radiant.  

The Brilliant | Overnight Recharge Cream 

Awaken to a supple, smooth and glowing complexion with this comforting night cream. The rich, velvety formula launches an optimal sequence of active ingredients by first detoxifying the skin before maximally hydrating, recharging your skin to its utmost health.  The dual power of OSMV™ technology and active ingredients works with your skin’s intrinsic nighttime cellular regeneration and reparative actions when they’re the most receptive.  

The Brilliant | Prime Radiance Serum

This lightweight serum instantly melts into the skin for the ultimate defence, nourishment and hydration.  It preserves and prolongs cellular health from the inside out, offering powerful protection against the effects of free radicals, pollution, and environmental aggressors.  Patented OSMV™ technology unleashes malachite, bakuchiol, glycolic acid, and more potent ingredients to strengthen, smooth and brighten for a perpetually healthy, dewy complexion.

The Brilliant | Vibrant Eye Infusion

Add an instant sparkle and youthful energy to the eye area with this gently fortifying cream that visibly awakens the eye contour, reducing undereye puffiness and dark circles while smoothing fine lines.  Powered by OSMV™technology and a potent active ingredient complex, the silky cream melts into the skin for intense hydration and shields delicate skin against stress, fatigue and pollution.



Repair, restore, regenerate 

The Absolute collection delivers transformational skin regeneration, renewal and nourishment, countering all the signs of ageing to rejuvenate youthful, healthy-looking skin at its cellular core.  

The Absolute | Active Replenishing Moisturizer

This rich, creamy moisturiser deeply replenishes and restores the skin from its innermost core, revealing a beautiful, natural luminosity.  Patented OSMV™ technology delivers the powerful nutritive complex directly into the cells to lift and firm the skin, contouring the face while maximally hydrating to leave the complexion smooth, supple and plump.  It forms an invisible shield to protect against free radicals, fatigue, and premature skin ageing.

The Absolute | Rejuvenation Night Balm

Elevate your beauty sleep into a high-performance cellular renewal session for optimum skin health and vitality.  Powered by OSMV™ technology, this intensely restorative cream is meticulously designed to unleash potent active ingredients at their optimal sequence during the skin’s intrinsic night time regenerative and reparative cycle. Awaken to smoother, rejuvenated skin that exudes long-lasting luminosity.

The Absolute | Intense Renewal Serum

At the pinnacle of power for cellular regeneration and deeply replenishing nourishment, this high-active concentrate stimulates skin regeneration, intensely restores and renews, and protects against cellular degeneration.  Patented OSMV™ technology unleashes active ingredient molecules from retinol to teprenone that support skin at the cellular level for a visibly replenished, smoother and firmer complexion.

The Absolute | Restoring Eye Cream

This rich, luxurious cream corrects the signs of ageing and deeply nourishes the fragile eye area.  The advanced formulation boosts collagen and elastin production to tighten, firm and lift the eye contour while diminishing dark circles and puffiness.  An energising nutritive complex neutralises the signs of ageing to stimulate cellular regeneration and reparation for complete renewal and visibly vitalised eyes. 



Elevate, transcend, transform 

The Exceptional collection delivers unparalleled effects through results-driven treatments that target specific skin concerns.  The Chronobiology Sleep Mask is the first innovation of this new collection.  

The Exceptional | Chronobiology Sleep Mask

This high-performance sleeping mask is synchronised to enhance the skin’s natural overnight regeneration and self-repair processes.  Potent active ingredients complement and optimise the natural detox, repair and regeneration cycles while delivering nourishment and moisture and boosting luminosity.  Awaken to firm, plump, replenished, and restored skin that radiates from long-lasting moisturisation and illumination.