Tata Harper presents: the face-grade Resurfacing Body Serum

Your body is a temple - we all know it, but we don’t necessarily treat it like one.  So much attention is paid to skincare for the face, while on the other hand body care always seems like an afterthought.  Tata Harper, however, doesn’t agree.  She believes targeted skincare shouldn’t stop at our neck, which is why she has just launched the Resurfacing Body Serum, a full-body resurfacing treatment born from her best-selling Resurfacing Mask and award-winning Resurfacing Serum.  The new body serum is formulated with 25 high-performance botanical ingredients, gathered from six countries, to resurface, brighten, smooth and nourish the skin below your neck.      

JOYCE Beauty | Tata Harper Resurfacing Body Serum

25 maximal performance ingredients

The Resurfacing Body Serum features high-performance botanical ingredients for full-body skincare results.  Tata travelled around the world to find AHA superfruits, fruit-based vitamin C, plant-derived vitamin A, natural peptides and hyaluronic acid, with each bringing a specific benefit to treat the needs of our skin.

  • Brightening:
Kakadu plum

A powerful, antioxidant-rich fruit known to be the world’s richest single source of fruit-based vitamins C, E and A.  Polyphenois are also found in kakadu plum, and have additional antioxidant and skin renewing benefits.  This multi-functional fruit brightens and evens skin tone, with a smoothing function for radiant, luminous and healthy-looking skin.  After four weeks of use, skin luminosity and radiance are up to +30%.

  • Wrinkle reducing:
Cacay oil

A plant-derived retinol with all the benefits, but none of the drawbacks of the anti-ageing vitamin.  It promotes the skin’s natural regeneration and renewal process for visible brightening, smoothing and firming effects that leave skin looking radiant, soft and healthy.  After four weeks of use, wrinkle volume is down by 45%, while elasticity and smoothness are increased by +80% and +85% respectively. 

  • Smoothing:

A powerful ingredient that works to create a moisture-trapping barrier for skin that’s satiny to the touch.  Pomegranate spheres absorb and hold water on the surface, keeping your skin soft and silky smooth.

  • Hydrating:
Macro hyaluronic acid

This biocompatible hyaluronic acid is designed in South Korea with larger molecular weights to provide targeted surface hydration.  It works in the outer layers of the skin to provide conditioning moisture that leaves skin feeling soft and gives it a healthy, hydrated glow.

Sugar carbohydrates

These skin-identical carbohydrates, invented in Switzerland, help bind water in the skin to keep it there as long as possible.  The water-binding action helps to boost the skin’s natural moisturising factors, including ceramides and hyaluronic acid, to support water retention and skin barrier function. 

  • Nourishing:

Used by green algae to produce its own food through photosynthesis, chlorophyll is a multifunctional superfood that is rich in proteins and minerals to help hydrate and energise the skin, amino acids to improve the skin’s natural repair process, and vitamins and antioxidants to help the skin’s protection against free radicals.

JOYCE Beauty | Tata Harper Resurfacing Body Serum

For a total-body ritual

We formulated our Resurfacing Body Serum specifically to be gentle enough for daily use, so you can incorporate it easily into your existing body care routine.  While its 25 maximal performance ingredients mean that this serum a multitasking treatment, we have also created a mini ritual for days when you want to spend more intentional time on your routine.

After showering, use Resurfacing Body Serum to brighten, hydrate and smooth.  If you have dry skin or want to add additional moisture and smoothing benefits, finish off with a layer of Revitalizing Body Oil.

JOYCE Beauty | Tata Harper Resurfacing Body Serum

Resurfacing Body Serum 

A brightening and smoothing body serum made with 25 high-performance botanical ingredients that resurface, brighten, hydrate, smooth and nourish for full-body, anti-ageing results, from head to toe.  Best for dry, rough, textured or uneven skin.

JOYCE Beauty | Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

Revitalizing Body Oil

An anti-ageing antioxidant body oil with 20 high performance botanical ingredients that provides comprehensive hydrating and invigorating benefits to the entire body for a youthful looking appearance, your skin will feel noticeably softer and smoother.  Tata herself uses it as a hair treatment to soften dead ends and flyaways too.